Operation + Quality

Schwärzler Hotel Management is characterized by a "hands-on" management culture. We take responsibility for the smooth running and success of day-to-day operations in the company.

  • Analysis and optimization of the operational process organization

  • Compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and industry standards

  • Employee scheduling and management

  • Excellent guest care and complaint management

  • Process management and quality control

People + Culture

Schwärzler Hotel Management offers services and consulting in various areas of human resources management.

  • Development of an attractive employer brand as a fundamental pillar of the corporate culture

  • Formulation and development of a future-oriented personnel strategy

  • Active recruitment and selection of suitable candidates for vacancies through targeted job advertisements

  • Employee development and training through internal and external seminars, coaching and mentoring as well as targeted talent management

  • Development and introduction of standardized processes and digital systems in employee management

Financing + Controlling

Schwärzler Hotel Management monitors the financial productivity and security of hotels and restaurants and offers proven solutions for precise budgeting, effective controlling and meaningful reporting.

  • Processing of financial accounting and annual financial statements on the SAP operating system

  • Coordination of the annual financial statements with the tax consultancy firm

  • Ongoing monitoring of liquidity and cash flow

  • Communicating and maintaining contact with banks and investors

  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustment of the financing structure

  • Preparation of an overall budget

  • Preparation of an employee budget, employee deployment planning and control

  • Preparation of monthly evaluations, variance analyses and forecast calculations

  • Ongoing cost monitoring with target/actual analyses and monitoring of key figures

  • Carrying out profitability calculations

  • Regular reporting to all stakeholders

Strategy + Marketing

Strategy + Marketing encompasses a wide range of tasks aimed at building a strong strategic market position and ensuring competitiveness.

  • Development of innovative business concepts

  • Development and establishment of a corporate and brand strategy

  • Product development and product range design

  • Development of pricing strategy and active revenue management

  • Development and implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns, including online marketing

  • Coordination of sales and marketing activities

Green transformation

Global warming requires more than compensation. We are aware of this and are committed to it.

Schwärzler Hotel Management focuses on proactive CO₂ avoidance and reduction and is committed to transparency in all sustainability efforts. This includes regular updates on progress and challenges, open communication and a willingness to learn from external audits such as the annual "turn to zero" greenhouse gas balance sheet. We are also involved as a member of the sustainability associations "Moll, des goht" and "TUN. Green Deal Vorarlberg" in our region for active climate and environmental protection.

For a living planet

Schwärzler Hotel Management is happy to support you in your transformation to a more climate-friendly company. This ranges from a one-off exchange of experiences to comprehensive advice on a targeted change process.

Investitionen + Projekte

Im Bereich des Investitionsmanagements und der Projektentwicklung übernimmt Schwärzler Hotel Management eine sorgfältige Planung, Bewertung und Umsetzung von größeren Investitionsvorhaben.

  • Entwicklung von ganzheitlichen Businessplänen

  • Ermittlung der Kreditbelastungsobergrenze und Risikobewertung

  • Erarbeitung eines Finanzierungsplanes

  • Organisation und Durchführungskontrolle von größeren Investitionsvorhaben

  • Kommunikation mit Investoren, Banken, Behörden und anderen relevanten Parteien


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